Organizational Development Intervention

We will assist in identifying challenges in your company, and tailor the best solutions with the most relevant outcome you wish for.

Performance Management System

We create the system suited for your company, to make sure of the productivity of your employees, making sure that the goals from executives are being descended to the employees level. So when employees perform, company performs.

Policy & Procedure Design

We structure the policy & procedure for your company, making sure that the change management go smoothly with the goal of productivity of your company.

Organization Design

Scattered organization design can be a headache. We help you create the most effective organization design, so that people can contribute to their maximum potential.

Job Evaluation

We evaluate the weighting and the importance of each position in your company, so you focus on the position that’s most impactful

Salary Grading

When we already know the weighting of each position, salary structure can be built upon and it will rightly reward the right person in the right position.

Competency Design

Competency structure is needed to know what is expected from each position, so that you can focus on developing the competency for each person to thrive in their job.


Frequently Asked Question

That would be perfectly fine. We will offer you a free consultation meeting for 1 to 2 hours to discuss about your pain points, really understanding your perspective of the problems, and from there we will analyze and get back to you what’s the best solution for your organization!

We will assess, and create a timeline for your solutions, and from there we will create an agreement based on two options: either based on timeline, or based on deliverables. You can choose!

The payment will be done per deliverables and it will be discussed further before we sign the agreement!

There will be visits to your office, when we deem needed, to boost the productivity and the process of the project.

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