Frequently Asked Question

We are your extended HR department! We will take care your end to end HR service, with weekly meeting also a weekly, monthly, and yearly report regarding HR on your organization along with recommendation action plans from us!

Yes, we will help you draft, and administer your needed documents, even also distribute to the people needed in your organization.

Yes, we will draft documents, set up interviews, do the interview, do the onboarding process, track and manage performance appraisal process, calculate bonus performance, offboarding your employees, and everything else you can imagine in the scope of your people management! We also will brainstorm and think of strategic interventions needed to boost your company productivity, also the one who execute and maintaining it.

For some industries, we will recommend for you to have an internal HR person in your company, at least an HR administrator so that we can work everyday with this person.

It will be based on agreement. But yes, we can and we will visit regularly when you need us to! We also think it’s the best way to bond with your team.

We can have an agreement of yearly payment, semesterly payment, quarterly payment, even monthly payment adjusting to your flexibility!